Commercial Coolrooms & Freezers for use in restaurants, hotels, clubs, supermarkets, florist shops, butchers, bakeries etc.
Coldstorage Warehouses & Food Processing Areas where high insulating properties and clean finishes are demanded, our panel system is the ideal choice.
Cleanrooms, Laboratories & Computer Rooms which must have smooth, non shedding surfaces are increasingly being constructed with our insulated panels.
Factory Partitons
Due to the high strength of the panel our system is well suited for industrial partitions. Panels can span large heights with no structural support needed. They can easily be removed and reused.

Doors play a vital part of any temperature controlled operation and can contribute greatly to the energy consumption of a facility. Our wide range of doors, manufactured by our skilled tradesmen, ensure there is a door for all applications.

  • Hinged Doors
  • Sliding Doors
  • BiParting Doors
  • Vertical Uplifting Doors
  • Personnel doors
  • Automatically operated doors
  • Coolroom & Freezer room doors
Our Maintenance Department is always available for backup service repairs to damage often caused by forklift trucks etc.
Mobile Coolrooms
Cool Cube Hire has a fleet of mobile coolrooms and freezers, both skid or trailer mounted. These units which come in various sizes are the ideal solution for your short and long term needs.
Cool Cubes Hire have a wide range of applications from private parties to large commercial uses. They are easy to install, extremely cost effective and can give you extra capacity needed during peak periods or provide on-going back up.